Monday, June 14, 2010


5 Brand That You Like The Most
i don't really care about the brand,seriously...
so i can only give you one option,
-forever 21
yang lain cap pasar malam pon mak pakai nyaahhh...hehe

5 Countries That You Wanna Go
-dying to go to South Korea
-Aussie nak melawat my bff
-Italy coz there's something bout that country
-Indonesia sebab nak shopping murah..haha
-papua new guinea...haha

5 Countries That You Don't Wanna Go
israel?they have no country...amik country org ye lah...
other than that,i think none

5 Item That You Like The Most
-scarf/tudung/pashmina or wuteva it called
-handbag maybe?hurm...mcm tak sgt
-kinda like gadget2 things but not too fanatic like bile klua model baru je nak beli...membazir tahu,ramai lagi tak makan
-my teddy bear collection...haha..i know...toddler...heh

5 People That You Love The Most
-my family of coz
-my beloved friends
-my sensei as long as tak bagi homework banyak2...haha
-there's someone that i love the most....
-others that love me

5 People That You Hate The Most
should i answer it by name or character??soklan tak jelas lah kau
-there's someone that i hate the most....
-people that make me look like a fool
-people that make me look like a bad person,like dielah org yg paling baik dlm dunia....gaaahhh,i just hate that feelings,even he or she is my bff or wutsoeva
-people yg menggelabah tak tentu pasal,dengar one issue je dah trus nak buat andaian takmau selidik2 dulu...

5 Color That You Like The Most
-pastel pink(sori zaid...HAHA)
-hijau pucuk pisang
-lilac/lavender kind of purple
-black as they make me look slimmer..haha
-red...haaihhh i wish i can hate red.....

5 Color That You Dislike The Most
its not that i dislike,but they wont be my first choice
-dull colour oh-so-like-japanese-style...gaahhh...bosan tahu?

5 Things That You Dream The Most
-my own family
-my own car,house etc2....
-i really want to have a fashion line along with a pharmacy...haha
-i wanna sing,but i dont wanna be an artist,its just to hectic,full of popularity things,no ape catu kan?
-wanna be a daughter that my parents can be proud of

5 Of Your Positive Character
i just hate dis question~~susah tau nak carik positive point...
-im good in faking smile
-i can be a positive thinker....kadang2 kot...selalunya negative
-maybe i'm lovely?prasan amat kau?
-ok bukan lovely...peramah mungkin...people can confortably talk with me even they dont really know me....penting kan nak jadi pharmacist karakter ni?heh
-too loyal

5 Of Your Negative Character
-senang kena tipu....seriously....i hate this part of me
-once i have a wound,they're hard to cure
-also too loyal
-i'm emotional,i need to mention that
-i'm fat...haha

5 Moments That You Missed The Most
-i do have lots that can't be mention...
-masa kanak2 when takyah pikir any prob just main ngan kawan2 je,minum susu,tgk kartun,tdo....
-i missed my highschool moments
-aaj moments maybe?
-it's not i missed it,but i do hope i have a lot more of them...moments with my family

5 Moments That You Don't Want To Remember At All
-i do have a lot....cant be mention as it hurt my heart
-hurm....other than that....i think none

5 Positive Character Of Your Best Buddy
-a good listener,i seriously dont really hope for someone to solve my prob...a listener is enough
-a loyal friend is needed,the backstabber can get lost!!!
-kind heart perhaps?

5 Things That You Happy To Do Most (For Your Entire Life)
-singing of coz
-be a wife for someone that can love me as much as he love himself*i know it sound cheesy but its what every woman in this world glad to do for her entire life*
-a fashion designer...haha
-ok i need to put pharmacist in dis list.....aaaaaaa...tak relaaa
-i know it sound ridiculous but i do wanna be a model...haha...model XXL lah kau~~~

5 Things That You Regret The Most
-knowing someone that now is a stranger
-loving someone that now hate me
-remembering someone that completely get rid of me from his head
-crying when i need to smile
-smiling when i wanna cry
my life is miserable,i know.....everything wasn't in the right place....

Favorite Animal?
i'll always love cat~~
and panda maybe?they're so cute and huggable...haaha

Favorite Quote?
me and my buddy always love dis..
"the most unfortunate people in this world are those who live without memories"
-song eun chae-

from mianhada saranghanda(i'm sorry,i love you)korean series...

Favorite Actor
lee dong wook and lee min ho

Favorite Actress
lee da hae and son ye jin

Favorite Things That You Do When You Are Alone
singing,surfing........internet okay....tak nampak macam cappable pon nak surf kat laut..haha....watching korean drama or listen to korean songs....

Favorite Website
youtube,facebook,twitter,forever 21 japan,mysoju.....

Favorite Moments
ape soklan ni nak tanya?sleep maybe?heh

Favorite Sports
i really dont play sports much.......aaaa.....takot bola....if i need to choose,badminton....

Favorite Vegetable

oh,mushroom is kind of vegetable,isn't it?

Favorite Comedies
dont really have one....

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sape2 jelah....da takde choice...heh