Tuesday, November 23, 2010

tuesday,23 november 2010,6.51 a.m

i love this song,n the mv.
i love the lyrics,the voice of the singer is just perfect for the song.
feels like an ost for some korean drama.
doesnt the girl look a little bit like dian sastrowardoyo?heh
she's pretty,n the guy also good looking.

i like the storyline,when the girl trying to erase with the charcoal pencil meanwhile the guy is drawing with an eraser.a nice contradiction,isn't it?

this mv send me an idea,somehow,eventhough you try to erase something,but you're actually make it more vivid in your memory.

an eraser doesn't meant to be an eraser forever,they might be a tool for you to create something new.

simple,but meaningful huh?

im actually crying watching this mv,their crying and sadness were so real.

mana diorang dapat idea nak buat video clip simple,sedih,sweet mcm ni heh


Fatul Akrul Ramli said...

hey, i love ur voice.. :)

wahana3115803 said...

@Fatul Akrul Ramli:hee...thank you2~