Monday, April 4, 2011


dah lama tak update this blog..n thanks for my friend sebab promote me,n suddenly this blog followers jadi 51(masa aku menaip ni 51 lah)thank you2...but im actually not so into blogging,hanya berblog bila rasa teringin menulis,atau ada sesuatu yang perlu ditulis,atau tengah emo atau PMS HAHA!i must admit,im such an emotional,mula2 sekali im so sorry if im dissapointed any of the followers pada masa akan dtg,yes you can freely unfollow me hehe.kalau blog ni cuma merepek2 sahaja....yes you know,people that study overseas sometimes can be so lonely that they only have their fb,twitter,n blog to talk to kan, im sorry guys...

n here is the latest IU voice.

im a normal friendly tapi mungkin tak semua masa.maaf juga kalau ada tersinggung apa2,saya cuma manusia biasa,tak lepas dari kesilapan.n i can say im emotionally unstable hehe.mood selalu berubah.yep2.its a common problem i know.

my new sem start on 8th april,n everytime the new sem begins,everything's seems like heavier,n scarier.the study,the life, always start with zero spirit,zero confidence level,n zero effort.sometimes i wonder'kenapa aku pilih nak blajar farmasi kat jpn if im already know that im sooo lazy to study?'

so guys wish me luck okay?baru tgk manual lab dah rasa sgt2 berat hati 'OMG can i survive this time?'yeah thats me.critical thinker maybe.

after all,ive chose this path,i cant turn back n choose another road.i must admit,the world seems scarier,n im scared.

*but why this post becomes heavier too huh?*

back to the point,keep supporting me n wish me luck untuk setiap hari mendatang.i'll try my best to write something here heh.

p/s:im not the silent type of person,but sometimes its hard to express what you have in your heart into words,and talk to someone about it.for the time being,i've talk so much to Allah n i know He's listening every word ive said,n He'll grant my wish.Amin...

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