Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm Always Like This.

selamat hari ibu untuk ibu yang tersayang.

im sorry because im always like this.
we can hardly say about how much we love each other,
but i know that your love for me is uncountable,
uncomparable to anything,

because without your love,
i wont be able to see this world.
thanks for every single thing that you have done to me,your naughty,stubborn daughter.

thanks for every single pray that you've utter for me,
because without your pray,
i wont be able to keep my head up high till today,
i wont be able to hold on my faith,
i wont be able to smile after i cry,
i wont be able to stand up after i fell down.

and when im sad,
there's always something that i wanna do,
to hug you and cry on your shoulder,
but im always like this,
those things will always stay only in my heart

because im not a five-year-old kid,
that can freely cry and cry.
without you worrying,
why so suddenly im crying.
because theres so much things that make me crying alone when the night comes,
and im afraid to tell you that you might worrying about me,
day and night.
i wish i can be a kid once again.

im always like this,
i dont know how to express my feelings
i end up writing here
without you knowing,
how much i love you.

as i'll end up just write awkwardly,
'selamat hari ibu' to you,
i hope you know,
i will always love you...

selamat hari ibu,ibu.:)

ratu hati hamba

ratu hati hamba.

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