Sunday, June 19, 2011


sometimes,some people just don't have any common sense.
when a girl just fell down,and then she tried her best to stand up again.
joke around and laugh a bit because of her failure
and of course,because she's a girl.
she might cry,
complaining this and that.
but she's trying alone to stand up,
without even asking anyone to help her.

and towards someone like that,
not even offers any help,
you stand around her,
and make fun of her,
laugh at her,
saying how stupid she is,
saying that she just can't never stand up again.

she's not asking anyone to feel sorry for her,
but if you're not gonna give any help,
just shut up,and walk away.

congratulation!*clap clap clap*
you really know how to pour salt on someone's wound!
keep on trolling and have fun!


cik fazilah said...

SORRY... :(

wahana3115803 said...

cik fazilah:oh why sorry..?bukan awak,bukan awak hehe