Friday, December 23, 2011

foreign students party

yesterday i sing at foreign students party younha's song,Please Take Care of My Boyfriend.
unfortunately,taken video is not so good,my seniors dont really know how to use a dslr,
so sorry,guys...:(

but what i learned from this performance,you need to know your strength and weekness before singing on stage,
dont overdo yourself.
my weakness; suck at low notes
2.when im nervous,i tend to suck at high notes too :(
when i sing this song for the first time at the rehearsal,its just sooooo bad!
part tarik je tak smpi,sbb bila nervous,your breathing will go wild,and the pitch was all over the place,berterabur~
so i need to make decision,to hold onto my ego and pick another song,or to forget my ego,just lower down the song's pitch.
after all,i choose to lower down the pitch,i never done anything like that during other performance before.
but one thing is,i just wanna do well,so i think i need to do that.
Alhamdulillah,the performance turns out okay.
Not so good for my satisfaction,ive never satisfied with my live singing.
my nervousness make me sing like...urghhhhh stress2 dgr suara sendiri live.
but i guess,that means im normal kan,tak normal kot kalau tak nervous on stage.

thats why i cant become a singer,my live singing sucks heh.
no video,but this is my outfit for the party

foreign student party1

this is my most favorite electric blue dress,electric blue looks flattering on me,
but i dont really like other shades of blue.
my seniors said she heard other people said when im up on stage,'i loveee her dress!'.
only my dress?not me?haha im just joking
i cant agree more,thats why i love this dress so much.

and there's also two beautiful Korean student that came and see me after the performance and say that they cried listen to my singing.awww thats the sweetest compliment~
they said they dont even know what song i sing,or who is the original singer of the song,
but seeing my interpretation of the song through my facial expression and and
my sad voice conveys the lyrics.
.the lyrics were originally sad though,
thank god they can understand what i sing.that means my pronunciation pretty accurate.

im happy to hear that kind of comments.
im always wanna touch people's heart through my singing,
that's is the main reason why i love to sing actually.

foreign student party3

this is them.on my right is hyeo-jin,i forgot the other one's name.but i have their phone number!
they ask me to join them next time bila pergi karaoke.yay!i love making friends,especially with korean :)
you know what,maybe i should just transfer to korea,haha
kidding,too bad i cant.sobs3

and this is the my university's international office's staff.

foreign student party2
they're just so kind~i never have any problem if i have something to deal with them.
and being so supportive of my singing,japanese is so sweet at words you know.
they'll always compliment you sampai satu tahap you cant differentiate,
were they just being sweet,
or they honestly mean it.
but compliments still a compliment,fake or not.
just take it,humble yourself,and smile.:)

see my height changed on the last pic?
ive took off my heels because i need to cycle back home.
beside,its freezing cold!!brrrrr

thanks everyone that come and read my should know i love you guys so much~
who am i without all your support kan?^^

p/s:2 more days.


dak skema said...

tahniah berjaya nyanyi sampai lagu tu habis, than siap dpt peminat kot...warhh da jd artis inter. kot..hehehe...ape pon kte suka tgk awk senyum :)

wahana3115803 said...

thank you!susah gila sbnrnya nyanyi lagu salute to younha for her flawless live singing.hehe tak lah sampai artis lagi~:)

saya pun suka tgk diri sendiri senyum,i rarely smile lately.lots of things happens.
i should smile more.:)

dak skema said...

kire ok ler tu bole nyanyi lgu yg susah tu..btw keep smile, coz it's will make we more appreciated that ALLAH give us more change to life...dah la nyte...salam..take care di negara olang...hehe nice to chat with u... :)

eika said...

cantiknya Lia!! cantiknya dress!!! nak jugak pakai camni la nanti! anyway extra info, international officers are always kind to good students hihi. i guess asian memang humble dan baik la :) tapi kalau students yang banyak songeh memang hari2 la gaduh. adeh apsal la international students kat malaysia ni lorat2..